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About Us - Saint Francis Entertainment.
Saint Francis Entertainment is an N.G.O. Based in Yaounde and Bamenda, soon
to be National and International.

The Name - Saint Francis Entertainment.
The name Saint Francis Entertainment, is in honour of Saint Francis of Assisi,
whose desire was to herald the good news of our lord JESUS CHRIST and also to demonstrate to the world the divine virtues of love, charity and patience. The name is also in memory of Brother Francis Asaba
who through his religious life and sickness tried to follow the foot prints of the passion of Christ.

Objectives - Saint Francis Entertainment.
Our prime aim is entertainment at all levels, but holding strong moral and full didactic informations.
So we strive to bring forth the following to the society.
We discover and perfect talents, and make films- from shooting to distribution.
We are also into video clips for music Artist.
We also do video documentary on every aspect of life.
We also organises seminars and small film festivals to appreciate and celebrate cinematic talents.